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Greetings to you from GospelSummary in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!


GospelSummary is a compilation of Bible truths from many scriptural sources including messages from eminent men of God. GospelSummary is an ideal destination for believers who love to read and understand important gospel truths for a successful Christian living. Since GospelSummary includes only a summary - when you find something that touches your heart, you may want to dive deeper into that topic and also pray that our blessed Holy Spirit reveal to you his secrets.


Every Christian journey meanders through both valleys and peaks. The Word of God is the only light that can guide you safely to your destination. It enables us to remain humble on mountain tops and courageous when troubled. GospelSummary contains promises from Bible, separated into sections for easy reference. Memorize scriptures for they are a treasure more valuable than every precious jewel on this planet.  


Finally, I would like to humbly submit that I am neither a renowned preacher nor a saint but someone who has tasted the love of Jesus Christ and yearn to share that to as many as I can using Gospelsummary.com. Even as GospelSummary brings you interesting gospel articles, we kindly request you to share your thoughts in the comment section. For those looking for God's miraculous healing touch, GospelSummary offers you a free Audio Healing book that contains all the healing promises carefully selected from the Bible. You just have to subscribe and claim your free copy. Let your faith in God grow by the power of the Holy Spirit as you keep listening multiple times to the Word of God. 


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