Why Delays?


The one thing we hate in this world of fast foods, faster travel, and Uber fast internet connections is Delays. Delays test our patience. Modern generation cannot wait for anything. They want everything on an yesterday basis. But why does God delay? Is he not fast enough to catch up with us?


Robert H Schuller, a renowned tele-evangelist says, “God’s delays are not God’s denials.” We need to first come to the realisation that God makes everything perfect in his time and the scriptures say that the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men. Only God can answer the reason behind some of the Delays, but the Bible also sheds some valuable insight into why there are delays for answers from God.


Firstly, Delay brings out the deeper hidden flaws in a person which no other source can bring out.

We need to rectify this before we can receive the blessings of God. In the life of Abraham, God had promised Abraham to be the father of many nations, but when he was getting older and childless, he became impatient and had a baby through his maidservant. It was an act of unbelief. Before God could mold him into “The Father of Faith,” his unbelief had to be removed. He got over when he dared to sacrifice his only son in absolute obedience to God.


In Exodus 32:1, when Moses delayed in getting the commandments from God, the people started celebrating the golden calf as their God. There was an idol hidden in them. It had to be removed before they could march into the promise land.


Secondly, Delay separates Good from the Bad and Evil.

In Matthew 25, when we read about the foolish and the wise virgins, the delay in the arrival of the Bridegroom separates the fools from the wise. God appointed Saul as the King of Israel, but when Samuel delayed his coming, he took things into his hand and performed (1 Sam 13:9) priestly duties forbidden for him. In the subsequent verses (1 Sam 13:13-14), we find that he lost the blessings of his kingdom being established forever. That benefit passes on to David. The Kingdom of God is not for fools nor wicked ones.


Thirdly, Delays happen due to enemies attack

we see in the book of Daniel that he had made supplication to God, but his answer was delayed due to battle in the heavenly. However, the answer did reach Daniel without fail.


In all the above examples, we see God using delays to deal with his people in different ways. But the good news is that – Whoever waits on the Lord shall never be ashamed (Is 49: 23).

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