The Eternal Leader


GOD spoke to Moses: “You are about to die. So call Joshua. Meet me in the Tent of Meeting so that I can commission him.” – Deut 31:14 (MSG)


When we see the whole journey of Israel from the Egypt to the Promised Land, we can see the hand of two great leaders – Moses and Joshua. It is interesting to find that both had different backgrounds.


God calls Moses to lead his people from bondage into the land flowing with milk and honey. While wandering in the wilderness, at the water of Meribah, he disobeys the direct command of God and loses his visa to the promised Land. After this we see the leadership baton passing from Moses to Joshua. Joshua was not an ad-hoc arrangement. God had been grooming him as a leader right from the beginning of this exodus.


We need to understand some simple lessons from this story. Firstly, It is God who appoints leaders and he appoints them for a time and a tenure. Secondly, though God executes his plans through the mortal leader, he is the unseen eternal Leader and there is no end to his reign (Luke 1:33). Thirdly, God’s plans are permanent and he alone can change it. God’s covenant with Israel did not die with Moses, it continued with Joshua and the Scriptures says that God fulfilled every promise that he had made to the children of Israel (Joshua 21:45).


Our Christian life should not linger around earthly leaders but should center around Christ who is our King and Lord. When we see changes impacting and shattering our lives, we should learn to hold on to our faith and trust on his promises. He would call us is completely dependable and when God says something, he will fulfill every word of it. Amen.

(The feature picture is Illustration from Henry Davenport Northrop’s 1894 Treasures of the Bible)

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