Solving Difficult Questions

difficult questions

John 8: 1-10 brings a story about a woman who was caught in prostitution. The religious leaders who were gunning to find fault with Jesus decided to test him by posing a difficult question. Likewise, when we start to follow Jesus and don’t conform to this world, people will not accept you and would try to corner you with all sorts of difficult questions and situations. But the good news is that our Lord Jesus showed us how to handle these tough times.


The Answer to difficult questions?

What did Jesus do?   His word was the answer and the solution to the problem. The Law given to Moses says that any person caught in adultery must be stoned to death. There was no questioning that judgment. It is very interesting to know that Jesus too never contradicted the law but rather tried to fulfill it (Matt 5:17) by asking the people to carry out the judgment against her. But he also added – “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”.


Till that very moment, everyone who had assembled before Jesus looked 100% righteous. But after listening to Jesus, none could cast a stone at the woman. They all left one by one. His word brought realization and conviction in their hearts that it was not only the woman, but all were sinners and needed punishment. It became evident that the accuser and accused were no different from one another.


As long we are alive in this world, we will face tough problems and will have to answer difficult questions. All we need to remember is Jesus. He will enable us to overcome our trying situation just as he shamed those hypocritical religious leaders. Never think we are alone and no one understands our problems. In scriptures, we find that the eyes of our Lord continuously search the earth and his eyes are always on the righteous and those who fear him. In Jesus, we have victory over every difficult situation and questions and there is no need to be anxious about anything.

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