Invisible Barriers to Healing

invisible barriers to healing

Jesus had already delivered us from every sickness and disease when he died on the cross of Calvary. It is the Holy Spirit who administers every healing (blessings) from the Father and the Son.(John 16:13,14,15).


Big Question: why so many are not healed?

In Deuteronomy 29:29, we see there are two kinds of things – 1. Secret things which belong to god  2. things which are revealed to us by God. There is no need to pry into the secret things of God as it is a futile effort. But the things which God has revealed to us are for us well being.


There is no barrier to healing from God’s side. When Jesus died on the cross, the veil of the temple was torn and every barrier was removed. The barrier to receive healing is on our side and we need to remove this barrier for healing to manifest in our lives.


There are 7 common barriers that stop us from receiving healing from God. Though, there could be much more.


1. Ignorance of God’s Word and God’s will.

This is one of the biggest barriers amongst the Christian community and Church. Is 5: 13 says that many are in captivity because they do not have knowledge of God’s word. They do not understand what Christ has accomplished for them on the cross. We read in Hos 4:6, that God’s people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Once we realize this truth, we need to confess it as a sin and ask God to forgive us. The next step is to start knowing the Word of God. There is no shortcut to this.


2. Unbelief

The Bible says that unbelief is evil and sin (Heb 3:12,13). We need to remove our unbelief and replace it with faith. It is difficult to please God with our unbelief (Heb 11:6)


3. Unconfessed sin

Prov 28:13 explains that those who cover their sins will not prosper. But if we confess we will have mercy. We need to understand that God knows all our sins. We are not going to shock God with our sins. He is never embarrassed with our shortcomings. When god forgives our sins he blots them out permanently.


All we need to do is to go to God with a contrite heart and confess all our un-confessed sins. When we ask Holy Spirit to guide us, he will bring to our memory even those sins of our past and help us confess them. Remember there is no sin on earth that the blood of Jesus cannot cleanse. After confession, we need to believe in faith that God has forgiven our sins and thank him for doing so. Finally, we need to forgive ourselves. We have not business to feel guilty when the good Lord himself has forgiven us. Do not entertain the enemy’s lies.


4. Attitude of un-forgiveness to other people

Mark 11:25 – When we pray – we need to forgive other because then only we receive forgiveness from God. We learn the same when Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. Praying with resentment in our heart is a barrier to receiving our healing from God.Forgiveness is not an emotion but it is a decision.

We need to confess it as a sin and ask God to forgive us and at the same time, we need to forgive those we hold resentment against.


5. Occult involvement

There are many areas in which Christians have become prey – knowingly or unknowingly. Fortune telling, horoscope, superstition, satanic cults are some but the list is long. We can see even Hard Rock music and drugs being used by the enemy to lure people into occult practices.


In Ex 23:24, Moses instructs the children of Israel to refrain from every practice of the heathen people who were worshippers Satan. For the people who obey him, he promised to bless them and keep them from all sickness and also give them a long life.


Every Christian has to take the time to remember if he/she has involved in any way in occult practices and has to confess it to God and receive forgiveness. It requires a lot of introspection into our lives and we need start even from our younger days. It is profitable to ask our Lord Holy Spirit to help bring before you the hidden involvements.


6. Covenant with people with false God

Sometimes, many Christians join and make covenants with wrong groups – Freemasonry, Jehovah Witness etc. we need to understand that those people come under a curse. (Ex 23:32)


7.  Effects of a curse

The curse is a major area which affects many of the children of God and prevents them from living in blessing. The good news is that Jesus became a curse for us (Gal 3:13) and replaced it with blessings. But we need to renounce the cause of the curse and claim our release.


The following are some common indications of curse operating in a man’s life.

  • Mental and emotional breakdown
  • Repeated and chronic sickness – hereditary
  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Breakdown of marriage and family alienation – family history
  • Continuing financial insufficiency
  • Accident prone
  • History of unnatural deaths or suicide

The remedy is when we open our mouth wide and thank God that Jesus was made a curse for us and has delivered us it.


Evil Spirits can hide behind sickness

Finally, we also need to understand that sometimes sickness has been associated with evil spirits and we can see this in the ministry of Jesus (Luke 4;40,41) – Jesus healed the sick and he also cast our demons. Of the many evil spirits, some are – spirits of sickness, spirits of infirmity, spirits of crippling and spirits of death.


Sometimes, we open doors for these evil spirits by our foolish deeds and talks. When we carelessly say, “Oh I wish I were dead” or “I don’t feel like living” we entertain the spirits of death to come into our life.

The word of the Lord is powerful and if we have done so in our life, we need to replace the negative by the positive. Ps 118: 17 says- “I shall not die by live and declare the words of the lord”.  Mark 16:17, says when we believe in God, we shall be able to cast out demons.


Not all healing is instant

Sometimes healing is instant but sometimes it is progressive. We need to keep thanking God till the healing is complete. When we seek God in faith, it is like getting plugged and we receive our healing. We are not supposed to remove the plug in the middle. But if we wrongly confess,  it is like pulling the plug away.

Remember, God is our healer and he has already borne our sickness and pain on the Cross. Let us believe in the finished work our Saviour Jesus and remove all the barrier to our healing with the help of the Holy Spirit.

(An extract from Derek Prince message – Invisible barriers to healing). I strongly encourage you to visit their website for more information.

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