How can I avoid falling down?

how can i avoid falling down

Hold me up, and I shall be safe, and I shall observe Your statutes continually. Ps 119:117

Lord Radstock was a celebrated British preacher and a Christian. One day he preached so long that he nearly missed his train. He barely had time to jump on board before the conductor blew his whistle. A young army officer who attended the meeting came running up to the window of the coach where Lord Radstock was sitting and said, “Sir, I heard you speak tonight. I responded to your call and gave my life to Christ. Can you tell me how I can keep from falling?”

Quick as a flash Lord Radstock pulled a pencil from his pocket and laid it on the palm of his hand.
“Can this pencil stand upright?” he asked.
“No.” replied the officer.
Then, with a twinkle in his eye, Lord Radstock took hold of the pencil with his free hand and said, “Yes, it can.”
“But you’re holding it up,” observed the young man.
“That’s just the point,” said Lord Radstock. “Your life is like a helpless pencil. You cannot hold yourself upright – but Christ can!”

By then the train was moving, and the last thing the young man saw was Lord Radstock holding the pencil up.

Twenty-five years later that same officer chanced to meet Lord Radstock in India and told him how his illustration had made an indelible impression on his mind. He said, “From that day, my life has been in Christ’s hands.”

Christ is able to keep us from falling (Jude 24). He declares that His hand is so powerful that no man can pluck us out of it (John 10:28). Since this is true when we fall, it is never Christ’s fault – never! The problem lies with us. We try to lose ourselves from God’s grip and fall.

When Peter began to sink while walking on the sea of Galilee, his problem was looking at the boisterous waves around him instead of at Jesus (Matt 14:30). In a similar way, only as we continue to look to Jesus and let his all-powerful hands hold us up, can we be kept from falling. Can you think of a better time to recommit your life into His hands than right now? Allow Holy Spirit to take charge of your life, and you will never need to worry about falling in your life.

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