Is God in Everything?

Is God in Everything

Where is God?

I was desperately seeking God for a deliverance and could realise only one thing – my troubles were getting worse every day. My situation was not improving despite my prayers and seeking God with all my heart.  A lot of questions started coming to my mind.

  • How can God permit bad things to happen to people who seek him?
  • Am I not praying properly?
  • I am a big sinner and is God is still angry with me?
  • Do I not have enough faith?
  • Is Evil more powerful than Good?
  • Does God really help when we pray?


Suddenly I stumbled upon a book written by Catherine Marshall (one of the finest Christian writers) – “Something More” that changed how I looked at God for my Deliverance.  The following is an extract from the chapter – “God is in everything”– both Good and Bad.


Hannah Smith Story – is God in Everything?

One day, she had a vision. When she was in a perfectly dark place, a body of light advanced towards her and gradually surrounded and enveloped her and everything around her. As it approached, a voice seemed to say, “This is the presence of God! This is the presence of God!”. While surrounded by his presence, all the great and awful things in life seemed to pass before her – fighting armies, wicked men, raging beasts, storms and pestilences, sin and suffering of every kind.


She shrank back in terror but soon saw the presence of God surrounding and enveloping herself and each one of these things. However, not a lion could reach out its paw, nor a bullet could fly through the air, except as the presence of God moved out of the way to permit it.


Even if his presence were a thin film, the most terrible violence and every sort of evil could touch her only if his Presence decided to let the evil through. Then all the small and annoying things of life passed before her and she saw that there also she was so enveloped in this presence of God that not a harsh word, nor any petty trial could affect her unless God’s encircling presence moved out of the way to let it.


The answer to her question was – “God is in Everything“. In everything, we are supposed to give thanks to God. For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)  How can we accept or give thanks for what is less than good, or even evil, if we do not believe that God’s shielding Presence has deliberately stepped aside to allow those forces to get to us? More importantly, his purpose in stepping aside is for our good and not evil.


Accepting God is in Everything

Catherine Marshall had a lung condition that had put her on the bed for more than a year. Nothing could cure her – every prayer and all her spiritual attempts failed. Finally, when she stopped asking God for her healing and prayed that his will alone be done – whatsoever it may be, healing started to manifest in her life. She writes that God did not allow her to be healed until she could see God in her illness. Disease is Satan’s kingdom, but God had allowed it in her life.


God cannot hear our voice until we deposit our understanding along with our rebellion at his feet. We cannot trust in our own understanding any more than we can trust in our own righteousness.


Jesus said – “are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without the Father. (Matthew 10:29). The Greek translation says that nothing happens without the Father’s “Participating Presence” along with his consent and knowledge. God is in everything, and we need to understand and accept this truth. When we face problems in life, we see the hand of the enemy and lose our focus on God. We start ascribing more power to evil than to God.


God is Sovereign

God is sovereign and none is able to stand against him  (2 Chronicles 20:6). None can able to change his mind nor his plans. The earlier we understand this, the earlier we shall be able to overcome our problems. God has not made us puppets but has given us a free will. It is up to us to either choose or decline his sovereignty by accepting or refusing that he is in full control over our lives – in good and bad times.

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