The Last Convert – Story of John Harper

the last convert

Brave John Harper

Titanic was one of the greatest ships built in its age. It was a luxury ship that could never sink. Its huge size and features made it a technology marvel. It had everything you can name: gym, swimming pool, libraries, opulent cabins, high-class restaurants etc.  But only a few lifeboats.

But on its fateful maiden voyage on 15 April 1912, it sank killing 1500 people. Onboard the ship that struck the fateful iceberg and sinking was John Harper, a Christian minister. He was with his 6-year-old daughter and traveling to preach in Moody Church, Chicago. Harper made sure his daughter was placed in one of the lifeboats.

Then he then began what would be his last evangelistic work. As the freezing waters began to fill the ship, He shouted, “Let the women, children and unsaved into the boat“. He even took off his life jacket and gave it to another man.

Don’t worry about me, “I am not going down but up”  he said.

To the 1500 passengers who jumped into the icy waters, he was swimming from one passenger to another and pleading with them to accept Christ.

The Last Convert – Steve

Only six of the 1500 people in the water were later rescued. Steve Crain was one among the Six. He also identified himself as Harper’s last convert. (Steve Crain). This man had climbed on a piece of debris and Harper who was struggling in the water near him shouted.

“Are you Saved?”

Steve replied, “No”.

Harper shouted the words “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved“. Waves drifted them away but a few minutes later the current brought them two together.

Again Harper shouted, “Are you saved”. He asked Steve to believe in Jesus. Then he slipped under the waves for the last time. Steve was touched. Then and there He gave his life to Jesus.

Four years later in  Titanic survivors meeting, He also shared how Harper had led him to the Lord. Steve was Harper’s Last Convert. Many may not know Harper. But Harper reminds us of the many people who even today dare to give everything for just a single soul. There is more to life than mere survival.


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