Unexpected Destinations

unexpected destinations

Many love traveling and some even like to pen their experiences on Travel Blogs. Today, we cannot imagine life without travel, but it was very different during Bible times. Even a journey of few miles was a big event.

The Bible is full of many interesting travel stories. Young David and Joseph did not understand the journey they were about to take when they stepped out of their house. It was a journey orchestrated by God which shall be recorded with indelible ink for all ages. Let us understand what happens when God meddles with our travel plan.


A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way? – Proverbs 16:9


Uncommon Obedience

Every journey begins with a calling and obedience to that calling. One beautiful day, Jacob calls Joseph, his son to go and check on the welfare of his ten brothers who were grazing their flocks on a faraway place (Gen 37:12-13). In the same way, Jesse, the father of David, calls his youngest son and asks him to go and check on his brothers who were at the war camp. (1 Sam 17:17-20). Both these young men immediately agree to their father and start on their journey.

When God calls us, the first thing he expects from us is Obedience. We cannot embark on God’s super highway without obeying him. Our obedience should not be based on our situation and circumstances. It should be unconditional. Though David had other works, he did not allow them to distract him. He quickly delegated it and went on his journey without any delay.


We find in Exodus that all of God’s people (except Joshua and Caleb) perished before reaching their destination because they disobeyed and murmured against God. Disobedience is the fruit of Faithlessness. Un-expected destinations require¬†uncommon obedience. John 10:27,28 – Jesus is our Shepherd, and only those that that listen to him and obey him shall have protection and eternal life.

Unexpected Perils

Within a few days into their journey, David and Joseph encounter the biggest test of their life. Their journey has capsized their safe and happy life. Joseph is abandoned by his brothers and thrown into a pit, sold as a slave, falsely accused and finally thrown into a prison to be forgotten. Similarly, David faces a Giant who wants to tear him to pieces, becomes the most wanted criminal in Israel and is hunted like a wild animal for no fault of his. Hiding becomes his only weapon.

Unexpected destinations are decorated with unexpected problems. We cannot separate them. We cannot walk into our blessing without being tested. Job 23:10 – Testing reveals our composition. Trials and Troubles make us perfect and complete (James 1: 2-4). If we are to sign up for God’s Kingdom, have to go through plenty of hard times (Acts 14:22).


Uncanny Guide

When David and Joseph were going through such unexpected troubles, the Bible records that they had an uncanny Companion. God was their Guide. When we read Genesis 3:2,21, we find that the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered, was successful and found favor in the eyes of people. Likewise 1 Sam 18:28,29 – The Lord was with David all the time, and no harm could overcome him.

If we have to reach our extra ordinary destination, we need the guidance of an extra ordinary guide – Holy Spirit. Many Christians look to God only for his provisions and fail. We forget to seek the Provider and his Presence. Provisions only manifest in his presence. When we have God with us, we do not have to worry about anything. When we seek his Kingdom, we get everything (Matt 6:33). David and Joseph knew this even at a very young age.

Unexpected Destination

Though their journey began as a local visit to their brothers, little did they know that they had embarked on journey that will change their life forever. God does not reveal everything to us before we start. They thought their journey was to run errands for their aging father and report the news. But God has a different plan for them. He changed their usual journey into an un-usual one. Though it took a while, at the age of 30, both arrived at their unexpected destination. David became the greatest king of Israel, and Joseph became the Prime Minister of one the most powerful empire in the world.

Bible says our plans are limited when compared to God (Is 55:9). It is God who plans the supernatural promotions and healings in our life. To reach our unexpected destination, we need to do just two simple things – obey God’s’ voice and seek his presence throughout the journey.

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